Hotel Zum Hechten: Current Prices

Our prices are in € (EUR), per Person and include a rich breakfast buffet. Spa fees are not included. Half or full board on request.

Rooms include showers/toilets. per room per person
Single room € 62,- bis 79,- € 62,- bis 79,-
Double room € 93,- bis 115,- € 46,50 bis 57,50
Three-bed room € 132,- bis 159,- € 44,- bis 53,-
Four-bed room € 156,- bis 181,- € 39,- bis 45,25
Deluxe room € 103,- bis 137,- € 51,50 bis 68,50

We are not liable for any information provided. We cannot be held responsible for any printing errors or changes in pricing.

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