Head straight from the Hotel Zum Hechten to the bike path on an e-bike

From lake to lake, over gentle hills, always with a view of the mountains - a bike tour in Bavaria’s Allgau region is pure fun. And don’t worry about steep ascents - an e-bike is the perfect way to turn your cycling holiday at the Altstadthotel Zum Hechten into a relaxing, enjoyable experience.

E-bikes don’t exactly pedal themselves, but assist pedalling with an environmentally-friendly electric motor that provides up to three times the power compared to physical pedalling alone. This is the perfect way for leisure cyclists to take on long trails and steep mountain paths without much effort or strain on joints. E-bikes transform your holiday in Bavaria into a modern cycling holiday in Germany.

A trip on an e-bike is an experience for everyone, no matter your age or condition. E-bikes make it possible to take on longer stretches and trails or conquer steep paths without getting winded or exhausted. Plus, e-bikes are good for the environment. However, riders still have to pedal, ensuring that an e-bike ride is, in fact, healthy and good for the body. They are easy to operate and you just need a little instruction before you can hop on and pedal away. The batteries last for a tour of 40 - 60km. Try out e-biking during your next holiday at the Hotel Zum Hechten in Fussen, Germany!

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