Allgau Radrunde Circuit Bike Trail

The long-distance bike trail through the Allgau region of Bavaria

Looking for a cycling holiday in Bavaria suited to your own taste?

No problem, just check out the Allgau long-distance bike trail - a cycling trail in one of Bavaria’s most beautiful locations. Opened on 2 June 2013, this trail is a little different from traditional long-distance bike trails which take cyclists along rivers from city A to city B. Rather, you can choose your own destinations and paths on this customisable bike trail. Even better: the connection to the area’s network of trains means that cyclists can head back to their accommodation in Fussen whenever they want, meaning they don’t need to lug around heavy luggage on the bikes and can comfortably take on the trail piece by piece.

The Allgau Radrunde circuit trail is a 450km-long circuit trail that winds through the entire Allgau region of Bavaria. Cyclists have the advantage of taking different variations and shortcuts or connecting to other bike trails such as the Iller trail or the Lake Constance - Lake Koenigssee bike trail. For as diverse as this long-distance bike trail is, the Bavarian landscapes and beautiful views are even more exciting and varied. Sometimes flat, sometimes hilly, often with beautiful mountain views - this cycling trail in Bavaria is a unique experience! Plus, the Hotel Zum Hechten in Fussen is a bike-friendly hotel - the perfect accommodation for your cycling holiday in Germany!

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