The Allgau Hiking Trilogy

Excellent hiking at three altitudes

The new long-distance hiking trail in the Allgau region of Bavaria has plenty of character. On this trail, long-distance hiking in the Alps becomes a true experience. In contrast with other popular long-distance hiking trails, the Allgau Hiking Trilogy tells stories. Hiking in the Alps in the Allgau region of Bavaria means hiking in a space full of experiences and adventures. Let nature tell you stories that you haven’t heard or read before. This is a revolutionary long-distance hiking trail.

Fussen plays a major role in the history of this long-distance hiking trail in the Allgau region. Here begins one of nine regional stories. In the land of King Ludwig II, the obvious choice for a theme to its story is romance. Ludwig’s finished and dreamlike castles are a must-see on long-distance hiking trails in the Allgau region of Bavaria. Long-distance hiking in this romantic region also means feeling the area’s royal surroundings and following mystical trails.

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