"highline179" in Reutte

The longest suspension bridge in the world

Adventure vacation at Hotel Hechten

The longest suspension bridge in the world offers adrenalin junkies a very special kind of experience. The bridge ‘highline179’ which is named after the federal highway, is just half an hour drive away from the Hotel Hechten in Fussen. The ideal destination for your adventure vacation!

What the Leaning Tower is for Pisa, St Stephen’s Cathedral is for Vienna and the Brandenburg Gate is for Berlin - that is what the ‘highline179’, the world’s longest suspension bridge, is for Reutte in Austria. This unique characteristic has earned an entry in the Guinness Book of World Records as the longest Tibet-style pedestrian suspension bridge. With a length of 406 metres, this bridge is currently the longest of its style.

Experience highline179 in Austria

The bridge was conceived to be usable year-round. It connects both castle areas of the Ehrenburg ruins to Fort Claudia. The bridge reaches a maximum height of 114 m above the mountain pass. The width of the walkway with steel grating plates is 1.2 m. It is held by four support cables, each with a diameter of 60 mm. To ensure the necessary safety measures, eight rock anchors of 25 m were staked into the ground. The longest suspension bridge of the world is listed with a weight of 77 tons. Thanks to LED lighting, the handrails are also visible at night. To ensure safety, a maximum of 500 people can be on the bridge at any one time. This is regulated by turnstiles on both ends of the bridge.

There is also an observation point at the base of a historic canon position. This vantage point is located near the suspension bridge 'highline179' and provides a spectacular view of the Ehrenburg and Reuttener Basin. A ‘close-to-nature’ hiking trail leads to Fort Claudia. There, the trail joins the existing path and can be used as a circular route.

+Großansicht +Großansicht +Großansicht

During opening hours, tickets can be purchased at the visitor centre of the Castle Ensemble in Reutte. Outside of opening hours, visitors can use the machines to purchase tickets. Administrative processing is done by the ‘Verein Europäisches Burgenmuseum’.

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