Bavarian Dishes for Tour Groups

Delicacy menu for tour groups


For travel groups, we recommend our menu of regional dishes:

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The good old Swabian pocket soup (€ 3,90)
Fresh pancake soup. A savoury meat broth with pancake strips (€ 3,90)
The colourful side salad with crispy bacon and roasted dices of bread (€ 8,90)
Our famous leg of pork in King Ludwig beer sauce with potato dumpling & Sauerkraut (€ 12,90)
The roast pork à la München served with a potato dumpling and Sauerkraut (€ 11,90)
Spicy spiked beef meat roll served with salted potatoes and fresh vegetables (€ 14,50)
Grilled steak from the turkey "Höhenrain", easy to digest, with mushrooms and spätzle (€ 13,90)
A breaded pork schnitzel, so popular with French fries (€ 12,50)
Venison goulash Tyrol style mainly delivered from Lechtal / Tyrol and served with spätzle (€ 14,90)
The original Füssener Käsespätzle served with plenty of roasted onions and a side salad (€ 11,90)
Bavarian "Geschnetzeltes" (cut pork meat) with original spätzle and vegetables (€ 11,50)
Seapike served from grill - with tossed potatoes (€ 14,90)
For the sweet tooth Freshly made "Apple Strudel" - with vanilla ice cream & whipped cream (€ 5,90)
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