Bathing lakes around Fussen

Lake landscape in the Allgau region

In the Allgau region, a true nature paradise will await you. More than 10 lakes are scattered around the Hotel Hechten in Fussen. Enjoy the dreamlike lake landscape during a bike tour or a hiking tour around the lake, right beside the water. Numerous lidos will invite you to swim, to bathe in the sun, to sail and to take boat trips. Also, fishers can discover some good spots for fishing.

To provide an overview of the many possibilities we want to introduce you to the most beautiful lakes in the surroundings:

Forggensee in the Königswinkel

  • biggest artificial reservoir in Germany
  • Location: about 2 km from the Hotel Hechten
  • Possible activities: Swimming, boat trips, fishing, canoo tours, sailing, bike tours 
  • Lidos : free public bathing places 
  • Particular features: Evening boat trips with live music (in July & August)

Alpsee near Schwangau

  • considered one of the cleanest lakes in Germany
  • Location: ca. 5 km from the Hotel Hechten, near the royal palaces
  • Possible activities: swimming, boat tours, hiking, fishing
  • Lidos: Pool at the Kleiner Alpsee
  • Particular features: museum of the Bavarian kings right at the lake

Hopfensee near Fussen

  • one of the warmest lakes in the Alpine foothills
  • Location: north of Fussen, ca. 5 km from the Hotel Hechten
  • Possible activities : swimming, boat tours, surfing, sailing, fishing, hiking
  • Lidos: Swimming pool in Hopfen at the lake with a miniature golf course 
  • Particular features: ideal for families with children

Weissensee in the Allgau region

  • Bathing lake from the ice age
  • Location : west of Fussen, ca. 5 km from the Hotel Hechten
  • Possible activities: boat tours, hiking path around the lake, fishing
  • Lidos: Natural swimming pool with playground, quiet bathing places at the north bank  
  • Particular features: garden near the St. Walpurga church 

Alatsee near Fussen

  • Mountain lake on 842 m above sea level
  • Location: 500 m south of the Weissensee, ca. 6 km from the Hotel Hechten
  • Possible activities: hiking paths, fishing, kneipp facilities
  • Lidos: public bathing places
  • Particula features : myths and legends around the "bleeding lake"

Beside the lakes listed here there are numerous other waters to discover, e.g. the Schwansee, the Mittersee, the Bannwaldsee or the Schwaltenweiher. More information can be obtained at the reception.

We wish you an unforgettable summer holiday in Fussen in the Allgau!

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