Leisurely Cycling in Bavaria

Whether you’re an easy-going cyclist looking for great views or want to take a bike trip with kids on your family holiday in Bavaria: anything is possible on a cycling holiday in Fussen, Germany. The gently rolling hills and flat stretches of bike trails at the foot of the Alps are perfect for enjoying a light bike ride through Bavaria. Enjoy views of the Neuschwanstein Castle or the majestic Bavarian Alps on your cycling holiday at the Hotel Zum Hechten.

A biking holiday in Fussen can be great fun and there are plenty of kid-friendly bike tours as well. Whether you’d like to head towards the Neuschwanstein Castle, through the romantic Faulenbach Valley or bike to the Hopfensee or the Weissensee lakes - the next swimming area is not far away. The Emmentaler bike trail in Ostallgau is also very special. Four cheesemakers and their delicious products are situated on this trail, as well as a natural swimming area on the Schwaltenweiher reservoir lake.

The bike trail near Lake Forggensee has plenty of places to eat and swim. This 32km-long cycling trail in Bavaria also boasts almost constant, amazing views of the Alps. Take some time for a picnic with the entire family and truly enjoy your summer holiday at the Hotel Zum Hechten near the Neuschwanstein Castle!

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