Musical Theatre Neuschwanstein

The Musical Theatre Neuschwanstein is located on the shores of Lake Forggensee in Fussen.

The Musical Theatre Neuschwanstein in the Allgau became well known for its King Ludwig musicals. The theatre holds 1,400 guests, making it a perfect place for musicals, concerts, operettas, theatre performances, comedy shows and so on. Since the King Ludwig musical series came to an end, a wide range of different artists have performed at this exquisite location.

The unique location at the Lake Forggensee waterfront, with its view of the Neuschwanstein Castle, is not only impressive to our guests, but to the performing artists as well. By the way: if you would like to, you can rent out the Musical Theatre Neuschwanstein (including catering) for private parties, such as weddings.

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