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Augsburg in Germany

Excursion to the “Fuggerstadt”
(62 miles from the hotel)

Discover the fascinating city of Augsburg, with its many cultural treasures and rich history. Tradition and modernity blend harmoniously in the streets of one of Germany's oldest cities. Experience the unique charm of the "Fuggerstadt".

The Golden Hall of Augsburg

The town hall is truly a sight to be seen. The most significant secular building of the German Renaissance was built from 1615 to 1620 by Elias Holl. The Golden Hall, built in 1624, is one of Germany’s most impressive representative rooms.

Augsburger Puppenkiste

The famous Augsburger Puppenkiste, a cultural highlight of the city, takes visitors of all ages into the world of enchanting puppets. Experience captivating performances that make hearts beat faster.

The Fuggerei - social history in the heart of Augsburg

A visit to the Fuggerei, the oldest social settlement in the world, is an absolute must. Founded by the Fugger family in the 16th century, the settlement not only offers fascinating insights into the social history, but also into the architecture of this unique residential complex. The Fuggerei consists of small houses that still provide a home for those in need today and conveys an impressive impression of the social responsibility of times gone by.

View from the Perlachturm

Climb the imposing Perlachturm and enjoy a breathtaking view over the city. This historic tower not only offers an impressive panoramic view, but also an insight into the city's medieval history.

Sacred treasures

Discover Augsburg's magnificent churches. The Basilica of St. Ulrich and Afra, a masterpiece of late Gothic architecture, and the imposing Augsburg Cathedral, which impresses with a mix of Romanesque, Gothic and Baroque elements, are just waiting to be explored.

Experience nature at Augsburg Zoo

Augsburg Zoo is a true paradise for animal lovers. Meet exotic animals from all over the world and experience a fascinating journey through different continents. The zoo is not only a place of entertainment, but also of nature conservation and education.

Other activities

Immerse yourself in Augsburg's lively art scene at the H2 - Center for Contemporary Art or take a stroll through the Botanical Garden with its impressive variety of plants. A visit to the Maximilian Museum, one of the oldest municipal museums in Germany, will immerse you in art and culture.

After your tour of the city, a cozy bed and culinary delights await you at the Altstadthotel zum Hechten. Relax and end the day in a cozy atmosphere.