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Hiking & excursions around Fussen

Follow the traces of the former kings and explore historical places. Marvellous hiking regions with signposted trails invite you to hike leisurely through the natural landscape of the Allgau.

The Lechweg trail

A unique natural experience awaits you, even without via ferratas or gigantic tours. Experience alpine mountain ranges with breath-taking views, wild ravines, lush alpine meadows, romantic valleys and river landscapes that can easily compete with Canada. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that the Lechweg Trail was awarded with the “Leading Quality Trail” seal by the European Hiking Association in 2012 and has been re-certified in the meantime.

From the source of the river to the waterfall - hikers on this trail accompany the Lech River on this more than 77 miles-long trail. The Lechweg trail starts at the source of the river near the Formarinsee lake in the Austrian province of Vorarlberg. From there, it leads through three regions and two countries and finally forms a waterfall in Fussen, Germany. Along the Lechweg trail, you can see Europe’s largest ibex colony, walk over Austria’s largest pedestrian suspension bridge and check out King Ludwig II’s world-famous castles.

The Lechweg trail, the Romantic Road in Bavaria, the "Deutsche Alpenstrasse" ("German Alpine road") and the Via Claudia Augusta meet in Fussen, Germany and form the center of the Allgau region’s network of hiking trails.

If you have the time and energy, we recommend to plan 6 or 7, or even 8 or 9 days for the trail in order to get the full experience of this long-distance hiking trail. And you would surely like to have some time left to discover all the streets of Fussen after you have regenerated at the Altstadthotel “Zum Hechten”. The especially sporty hikers can even venture on the trail in the other direction: from Fussen to Lech. Do not forget: By booking a luggage service you can enjoy your hike comfortably. Visit the official website: for more information and pictures of this hiking experience.

The Altstadthotel "Zum Hechten" in Fussen is a specially-chosen Lechweg host. All Lechweg partner businesses specialize in hikers and offer the comfort you need after a long day of hiking in the Alps.

Find more information about the route, sights along the trail, altitude profile and other useful information here.

The Allgau hiking trilogy

The new long-distance hiking trail in the Allgau region of Bavaria has plenty of character. On this trail, long-distance hiking in the Alps becomes a true experience. In contrast with other popular long-distance hiking trails, the Allgau Hiking Trilogy tells stories. Hiking in the Alps in the Allgau region of Bavaria means hiking in a space full of experiences and adventures. Let nature tell you stories that you haven’t heard or read before. This is a revolutionary long-distance hiking trail.

Fussen plays a major role in the history of this long-distance hiking trail in the Allgau region. Here begins one of nine regional stories. In the land of King Ludwig II, the obvious choice for a theme to its story is romance. Ludwig’s finished and dreamlike castles are a must-see on long-distance hiking trails in the Allgau region of Bavaria. Long-distance hiking in this romantic region also means feeling the area’s royal surroundings and following mystical trails.

We wish you impressive and relaxing hikes in the Allgau and a successful timeout from everyday life! Your cozy bed will await you in the Altstadthotel "Zum Hechten" in the middle of Fussen. Get your vacation offer today!

King Ludwig Trail

The King Ludwig Trail opened in 1977 and is a long-distance hiking trail named after King Ludwig II of Bavaria. The trail begins in Berg on Lake Starnberg in Bavaria, where Ludwig II was born in 1886, and ends in Fussen, Germany at the foot of the Bavarian Alps. This trail measures nearly 75 miles and is perfect for your vacation with hiking and walking in Bavaria.

After starting in Berg, the King Ludwig Trail leads to Starnberg to Herrsching am Ammersee. You can also take a boat to Pöcking, shortening the total length of the hiking trail. The ship takes passengers to the town of Diessen on the southern end of the Ammersee lake. The trail then leads to the Wessobrunn Abbey, the towns of Peiting and Rottenbuch, the pilgrimage church of Wies and the district of Trauchgau.

You can reach Fussen’s old town and the Altstadthotel Zum Hechten via Hohenschwangau with its world-famous Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau Castles.