Three hikers walking in the snow Three hikers walking in the snow

Winter hiking around Füssen

Fabulous white winter magic

Those who love hiking will not be daunted by snow and ice. Quite the contrary: Winter hiking in the white landscape on sometimes deserted trails will make you perceive the tranquillity of nature in all its power. The surroundings of Füssen will give you excellent opportunities to trudge through the landscape. Whether you are heading for the next hut or want to walk around a frozen lake, your winter hiking experience will be tailored to your demands.

Excellently signposted trails for winter hiking

The tours in the region are signposted to make it easier for you. Magenta-coloured signs will show you the way, and detailed information boards at each starting point will give you advice on the chosen route and winter hiking in general.

When your breath forms little clouds, the snow crunches under the soles of your feet, and nature bends to snow and frost, the winter landscape beckons you outside. The most beautiful paths lead you around Lake Hopfen or Lake Weissensee, to Lake Faulsensee or along the Lech, and on to Lake Forggensee. Winter panorama and fantastic views included. Feel step by step how the mind comes to rest.

Guided hikes in the snow

Explore the region either on your own or let a local guide from the Allgäu show you around. We will be happy to inform you about guided hikes offered by the tourism office Füssen at our hotel’s reception.

Would you like it a little bit more adventurous? Special snow shoes with big soles will easily help you move through the snow.

Go to King Ludwig’s former hunting lodge

How about a hike to the Bleckenau hut, for example? It is King Ludwig’s former hunting lodge that can be reached over a lonely winter hiking trail. The trail itself was once prepared to provide a water pipeline with fresh mountain water to Neuschwanstein Castle and is still called the “Wasserleitungsweg” (water pipeline path) today. The Bleckenau is a rustic mountain inn with historical significance. In fact, hikers stop here in the same cosy inn where the Bavarian royal family was once a guest.

Speaking of the royal family: You can have an almost royal experience when going on a sleigh ride. Being driven through the white landscape, the view of the mighty mountains in the distance, with the snorting of the horses in your ear, is a calming experience that is especially fun as a couple or as a family.

We will be happy to give you first-hand tips and advice for your winter holiday in Füssen. We look forward to seeing you at the Altstadthotel "Zum Hechten" in the Allgäu.