View of lake with mountains View of lake with mountains

Lake Forggensee

Germany's largest reservoir

In and around Fussen in the Bavarian Alps, you will find wonderful countryside dotted with deep blue lakes. Holidaymakers are always close to one of the seven larger and four smaller lakes. Enjoy the view from a canoe , try standing up on a surf board or take a sailing trip. You can do all of this here in the Bavarian Alps.

Boat ride with a premier seat

Lake Forggensee is Bavaria’s fifth largest lake and Germany's largest reservoir. It catches the overflow from the Lech River and acts as a reservoir for the hydroelectric power stations in the lower regions. It is also essential for regulating floods during the snow melt. The boat ride around Lake Forggensee provides you with a great view of the Neuschwanstein Castle, making it a memorable experience for grownups and children alike.

The lake is around 7 miles long and up to 2 miles broad. Leaving the dock at regular intervals, the Lake Forggensee boat ride will take you around the entire lake. Besides being able to see the Neuschwanstein Castle, you will also have an incredible view of the surrounding mountain ranges.

Two boats, the “MS Allgau” and the “MS Fussen”, embark in Fussen and take you on a round trip, stopping at six destinations on the way: the Musical Theatre Neuschwanstein, “Waltenhofen”, “Brunnen”, “Osterreinen”, “Dietringen”, “Rosshaupten” and the reservoir dam. The further you move away from the south shore, the more amazing the view of the various Alpine mountain ranges will become. You can get out at any of the six stops, if you wish to do so.


The MS "Allgau" seats 110 passengers inside and a further 110 passengers on deck.
The MS "Fussen" seats 250 passengers in separate inside areas, as well as 150 passengers on deck. The upstairs area on the “MS Fussen”, with around 120 seats, can be booked for partial trips.

You will have the opportunity to purchase drinks, snacks, ice cream, coffee and cake on board. On the longer round trip, you will also be provided with a hot meal or cold cuts.

Canoe trips in the Allgau region

KANU KINI offers guided canoe and kayak trips around the Bavarian Alps and in Tyrol.
Beginner’s trips, sunset tours, half and full day trips, as well as dragon boat rides are also on the programme.

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The many alpine lakes in and around Fussen are not only ideal for water sports, but also for quiet fishing trips. Almost every lake in the area offers the perfect conditions for freshwater fishing.

Important: Special licences and permissions are needed for fishing.

The season usually begins in April, at Lake Hopfensee and Lake Weissensee even earlier around March.