Two women balance on stones in a stream Two women balance on stones in a stream

Kneipp experiences in and around Füssen

Did you know that Füssen is a Kneipp spa town?

The parish priest Sebastian Kneipp was born in the Allgäu over 200 years ago, where he spent most of the time of his life. You can also experience the healing powers of water in many places in Füssen.

Sebastian Kneipp – a pioneer of his time

Kneipp’s idea was one of “inner order” – he founded a holistic natural therapy which is geared towards reaching a balance of the body, mind and soul. An approach which is more topical than ever today. His career began out of his own illness. Suffering from lung disease and already abandoned by doctors, Father Kneipp cured himself with baths in the cold Danube. After many years of apprenticeship, he also treated others with water treatments, a practice for which he was ridiculed and even punished at first. But he was not deterred and soon celebrated great healing successes, among other things in the fight against cholera. Step by step, he developed his concept of the 5 pillars that make up health: Water, exercise, nutrition, herbs, and inner order.

Experience the healing powers of water in various ways

In and around Füssen there are many opportunities to get to know Kneipp’s natural therapy. Health-conscious people can find public and free Kneipp places in the whole town, which are constantly expanded as part of the Interreg funding project “Lebensspur Lech” until mid-2022. Those who want to can go on a Kneipp bike tour that connects all Kneipp stations on around 26 kilometres.

Kneipp places in the Kneipp town Füssen

One thing you should not miss is the floating Kneipp island in Lake Hopfen. The colourful thought benches with Kneipp quotes and a herb spiral in the Kneipp area at the lakeshore also invite you to stay. The healing power of water can also be discovered during a visit to the Kneipp meadow in Bad Faulenbach, where the Kneipp facilities have been expanded with a new drinking fountain, a Kneipp shower, and a resting place by the stream.

Many Kneipp experiences can also be found at the idyllically located Lake Weißen: In addition to the resting pavilion on the lakeshore, there is a new wading and arm pool, an exercise course, a water play area for children, and another idyllic resting place on the lake. New information pillars in all parts of the village tell you more about the healthy ideas of Kneipp. In the terrace garden of the High Castle in Füssen, for example, a Kneipp stele shows the connection between the herb beds planted a few years ago according to the old plans of the Benedictine monks of St. Mang and Kneipp’s phytotherapy and nutritional teachings. The quotations of the Allgäu health pioneer also accompany you on a leisurely walk along the contemplation path in the Füssen tree garden.

Follow the traces of the water doctor and herbal priest, as Sebastian Kneipp is also known. We will be happy to reserve a room for you in our charming old town hotel “Zum Hechten”.