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Two thousand years
of culture in Fussen

Experience the cultural highlights in Fussen, Germany

Music and culture are deeply embedded in Fussen’s traditions. Long ago, Fussen in Germany became the European center for lute and violin makers. This long-lived tradition is carried on to this day. Enjoy top-class concerts, musicals and events the whole year round!

Musical Theatre Neuschwanstein

The Musical Theatre Neuschwanstein became well known for its King Ludwig musicals. The theatre holds 1,400 guests, making it a perfect place for musicals, concerts, operettas, theatre performances, comedy shows and so on. Since the King Ludwig musical series came to an end, a wide range of different artists have performed at this exquisite location.

The unique location at the Lake Forggensee waterfront, with its view of the Neuschwanstein Castle, is not only impressive to our guests, but to the performing artists as well. By the way: if you would like to, you can rent the Musical Theatre Neuschwanstein (including catering) for private parties, such as weddings.

Concerts in Fussen

Besides providing its visitors with a beautiful landscape, Fussen is also considered to be a well-rounded cultural heritage site. European lute and violin making originated here, where the art continues to this very day. Music filled the ballroom of St. Mang’s Abbey even back in the times when it was used as a monastery. Since 1951, visitors may enjoy the so called “Kaisersaal” (Imperial Hall) concerts here. Demanding music lovers will be delighted by the baroque style concert hall’s unique acoustics. Here, visitors will encounter a variety of different music styles, including classical and modern chamber music, jazz, improvisational and world music. In Fussen, history, architecture and music come together to complement each other perfectly.

The series of concerts held in the Imperial Hall of St. Mang’s Abbey offers a varied programme from May until September and reflects the high quality of the baroque concert hall.

Music Festival

The music festival celebrates the origins of the European lute and violin making tradition in Fussen.

It establishes a link between the impressive natural landscape and the town’s rich historical culture, by combining classical with modern music and other art forms. The festival is all about trying new things.

The festival explores the broad overlap between music and literature, symphony and poetry, chamber music and its composers, love songs and rap songs.

The violin seminar brings professional musicians from all over the world to Fussen, where they attend a variety of interesting lectures and chamber music courses.

Town Festivals

In a place where history and tradition meet the modern world, there is always room for celebration. Here in Fussen, at the foot of the Alps, you will of course spend time just enjoying the idyllic natural surroundings, but you can also do more: dance, laugh and be merry! The different events offer something for every taste, in the summer as well as in the winter. Enjoy your vacation in Bavaria!

Those who enjoy jazz music should visit the Fussen goes Jazz festival, which is held on the first weekend in August and attracts internationally renowned jazz musicians.

Those who want to experience everything from traditional Bavarian music to hot southern beats should definitely go to the Fussen town festival. Nostalgics, who would rather delve into the times of Emperor Maximilian I, will be delighted by the history parade.

Imperial Hall Concerts in Fussen

Since the times when St. Mang’s Abbey was still used as a monastery, the Imperial Hall has been a perfect place in which to hold chamber concerts. The hall’s incredible acoustics and beautiful baroque decor enthral audiences and artists alike.

We are proud to be able to offer a top-class concert programme in one of the most beautiful baroque style halls in Upper Bavaria.

Our programme includes a variety of classical concerts (also available as a subscription), as well as a series of concerts entitled “Jazz & the Modern Age”. This series introduces new types of music into a chamber music setting.

Tickets & Information

Subscriptions can be bought at the Fussen cultural office, tel: +49 (0)8362 - 903147 
Single tickets can be purchased at the Fussen tourist information office, at the local newspaper station or here: www.eventim.de

Medieval fair in Fussen

Colourfully clothed people, flourish of trumpets, falconers, music and culinary stalls: Every year at the end of June, Fussen lets a time long gone by come alive. The entrance to the merry spectacle is free for everyone.

Already during the Renaissance, Fussen was a flourishing town. At the beginning of the 16th century, Emperor Maximilian I. visited the small town with his court about 14 times and used to celebrate great feasts. These celebrations attracted the who’s who of those times, from the bishop to the nobility. Commemorating Maximilian’s feasts, Fussen holds its pageants every year where old and young are taken back to the time of the knights and jesters.

Do you want more Medieval flair?

Medieval fairs are also popular in Fussen’s neighboring towns. At Ehrenberg Castle in Reutte in Tyrol, every year in July the Ehrenberg knights games take place, the biggest of their kind in Europe. Hopferau also goes on a journey through time with its “Anno 1468” event which takes visitors back to the castle’s origin.

At the weekend of the medieval fair, Fussen comes alive with the flair of past times and lets you experience the town in a different way. In the Altstadthotel “Zum Hechten”, the fanfares and drums cannot be overheard – get your accommodation for your vacation in Fussen now!

From the town festival and guided activities to the medieval festival and music events, Füssen has exciting things to offer all year round.