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Picturesque Old Town
Fussen in the Allgau

Bavaria’s romantic soul

Fussen is one of the oldest cultural towns in Europe and, at the same time, a modern and open-minded holidaymaker’s paradise. It has much more to offer besides King Ludwig II’s fairytale castles- even though they alone are already worth a visit! Like a beating heart, Fussen’s Old Town excites its visitors, and in the middle of it lies the Hotel “Zum Hechten”.

Time to take a leisurely stroll

A lively atmosphere and quiet alleyways: the historical old town of Fussen is the perfect place for a stroll. Here, you will find a great number of international and regional shopping opportunities, as well as all sorts of culinary delights. Walk through the pedestrian area right in front of the hotel, with its neighboring small museums, nice boutiques, the market hall, sports equipment shops, well assorted book shops, souvenir shops and many other interesting shopping opportunities. All the town’s sights can be easily reached on foot from your hotel.

The great variety  of things to do and see in Fussen gives the town an almost Italian flair. The people here are very friendly. No matter where you go, you will always feel welcome: in the cafes, the main shopping street “Reichenstrasse”, in the lovely indoor market and the corner shop down the street. Musicians and artists in the streets produce a leisurely atmosphere, especially in warm summer nights. Enjoy a good glass of wine and listen to the sound of the music.

Even in winter, Fussen’s Old Town excites with a unique flair. It seems as if the snow covers the otherwise busy old town with a certain peace. After a winter stroll through the characteristic alleys, the many cafés and restaurants will invite you to stay. Warm up with an aromatic cup of coffee or enjoy the typical Bavarian cuisine in one of Fussen’s restaurants.

Our tip for a stop:

In the Old Town Hotel & Restaurant “Zum Hechten”, you will find Bavarian specialties at a fair price. Look forward to a selection of regional meat dishes, crisp salads and traditional dishes such as Swabian Maultaschen, lentils with spaetzle or a sweet apple pie!

Many roads lead to Füssen

The town of Füssen, Neuschwanstein Castle and the entire surroundings have been a destination for uncountable hikers and guests. For thousands of years, lifelines have enriched our picturesque town. Along the ancient Roman road Via Claudia Augusta, the Lake Constance-Lake Koenigsee path, the Romantic Road and the Lech path have kept the unique town history alive that goes back 700 years. Many tales and legends from various cultures have found their way to Fussen over time. A number of different historical eras run together here, which makes the town a perfect setting for a romantic vacation. Narrow alleyways, high gothic buildings, richly decorated baroque and rococo style churches, as well as the relics of the old city walls put you right in the center of a flourishing medieval town.

The High Castle of Fussen - the town’s proud landmark

Above Fussen’s Old Town, the elegant High Castle of Fussen lies enthroned, one of the most photographed sights.

There has been much speculation about the early history of the castle. Archaeologists have found the remains of the roman military camp known as Foetibus, which was built between 300 and 350 AD. From 1313 AD onwards however, the city and the abbey were both ruled by the bishops of Augsburg. The story of how this change in power came about is a long and complicated one.
The second floor of the Fussen High Castle has six rooms, each decorated differently. They hold a well-balanced collection of late Gothic paintings, most of which come from Swabia in south-western Germany. In addition, you will also see a few pieces from the end of the 16th Century amongst them.

Bishop Frederick II of Zollern had the castle expanded to its present dimensions and adorned with remarkable Trompe-l’oeil (paintings creating optical illusions) around 1500 AD. Since then, the High Castle has become one of the largest and most significant medieval castles in Swabia, Germany.

The “Knight’s Hall”, with its beautifully carved waffle-slabbed ceiling, used to serve as a ballroom. Here, the bishop often received Emperor Maximilian I along with his royal household.

In the north wing, you will find the main gallery of the Bavarian State Collection of Paintings, as well as that of the Municipal Art Gallery. The collections include pieces from both the late Gothic and the Renaissance periods, all of which were painted by artists from the surrounding area.

High Castle Clock Tower

In the past, the High Castle’s chief warden resided in the clock tower, where he was able to overlook the entire medieval city from his bay window. Built on to the side of the clock tower, you will see a brattice (small balcony), which enabled the castle’s defenders to shoot at their attackers. The floors below the warden’s tower room were used as prison cells.

St. Mang’s Abbey

The Benedictine abbey of St. Mang was founded by St. Magnus around 750 AD. 
The incredibly symmetrical Baroque building was designed by the local architect Johan Jakob Herkomer, who received most of his education in Venice. For this reason, the abbey’s architecture has a wonderful Italian style to it.

The “Imperial Hall” is the main highlight of St. Mang’s Abbey. The richly stuccoed decor and many frescoes were designed by interior architect Andrea Maini and then brought to life by the court painter, Franz Georg Hermann. Every year, from June until September, a number of concerts are held in this magnificent hall.

Today St. Mang’s Abbey houses the museum of the town Fussen with the remarkable Fussen “Death Dance”, the town council and the parish church St. Mang. Since Fussen came to be the most renowned place for lute and violin making in Europe during the 18th Century, you will be able to view one of the finest collections on the continent here.

Discover Fussen whose heart belongs to a fairytale king and where the wild and incomparable natural landscapes shape the surroundings. Book your fabulous vacation already today. Send us an inquiry!