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Cycling in your vacation in the Allgau

932 miles of trails for biking

The Bavarian Alps surrounding Fussen are a paradise for leisure cyclists.

Mountainbiking vacation in Bavaria

With its 932 miles network of perfectly signposted trails and uncountable circuit trails, the region around Fussen is a dorado for cyclists. Sporty holidaymakers as well as leisurely bikers will find a suitable route in the Alpine foothills.

One of the most popular routes is the 20 miles long tour around the idyllic Forggensee. With the Via Claudia Augusta, the Lake Constance - Lake Koenigssee Trail and the Romantic Road, attractive long-distance cycle paths wind through the beautiful Alpine foothills surrounding the Hotel Zum Hechten near Neuschwanstein Castle.

Mountain Biking in Fussen

Mountain bikers will have plenty to love on their vacation at the Altstadthotel Zum Hechten in Fussen.
Twenty-one well-marked routes that wind through the forests to great viewpoints and secluded mountain lakes are waiting for you. Exciting single tracks in the mountains guarantee the perfect kick of adrenaline. 
Plenty of marked trails take cyclists through wonderful meadows, shady forests and along the shores of amazing mountain lakes.

Fussen, Germany is the ideal home base for cycling in Bavaria. There are 17 bed & breakfasts and hotels in Fussen alone that are considered "bike-friendly hotels" or "bed & bike" accommodation.

Bike-friendly vacations in the Hotel Zum Hechten - the “bed & bike” hotel in Fussen

The "bed & bike" accommodation Altstadthotel "Zum Hechten" is your perfect starting point!

Go right from your bike seat to your hotel bed!
Our hotel in Fussen is an ADFC-certified ("Allgemeiner Deutscher Fahrrad-Club", German cyclists club) bike-friendly establishment in Germany. Cyclists are always welcome at our hotel!

Leisurely cycling in Bavaria

Whether you’re an easy-going cyclist looking for great views or want to take a bike trip with kids on your family vacation in Bavaria: anything is possible on a cycling vacation in Fussen, Germany. The gently rolling hills and flat stretches of bike trails at the foot of the Alps are perfect for enjoying a light bike ride through Bavaria. Enjoy views of the Neuschwanstein Castle or the majestic Bavarian Alps on your cycling vacation at the Hotel Zum Hechten.

A biking vacation in Fussen can be great fun and there are plenty of kid-friendly bike tours as well. Whether you’d like to head towards the Neuschwanstein Castle, through the romantic Faulenbach Valley or bike to the Hopfensee or the Weissensee lakes - the next swimming area is not far away. The Emmentaler bike trail in Ostallgau is also very special. Four cheesemakers and their delicious products are situated on this trail, as well as a natural swimming area on the Schwaltenweiher reservoir lake.

The bike trail near Lake Forggensee has plenty of places to eat and swim. This 20 mile long cycling trail in Bavaria also boasts almost constant, amazing views of the Alps. Take some time for a picnic with the entire family and truly enjoy your summer holiday at the Hotel Zum Hechten near the Neuschwanstein Castle!

E-bike for relaxed bike tours

From lake to lake, over gentle hills, always with a view of the mountains - a bike tour in Bavaria’s Allgau region is pure fun. And don’t worry about steep ascents - an e-bike is the perfect way to turn your cycling vacation at the Altstadthotel Zum Hechten into a relaxing, enjoyable experience. Thanks to the central location of the Altstadthotel "Zum Hechten" you have rental facilities almost on your doorstep.

E-bikes don’t exactly pedal themselves, but assist pedaling with an environmentally-friendly electric motor that provides up to three times the power compared to physical pedaling alone. This is the perfect way for leisure cyclists to take on long trails and steep mountain paths without much effort or strain on joints. E-bikes transform your vacation in Bavaria into a modern cycling vacation in Germany.

A trip on an e-bike is an experience for everyone, no matter your age or condition. E-bikes make it possible to take on longer stretches and trails or conquer steep paths without getting winded or exhausted. Plus, e-bikes are good for the environment. However, riders still have to pedal, ensuring that an e-bike ride is, in fact, healthy and good for the body. They are easy to operate and you just need a little instruction before you can hop on and pedal away. The batteries last for a tour of 25-37 miles.

But please consider the higher weight of an e-bike, especially on downhill passages, as well as the tendency to faster speeds. Always plan enough reserves, choose the trips according to your skill level, increase moderately and be considerate of others. Safety is always the top priority!

Allgau Radrunde Circuit Bike Trail

Looking for a cycling vacation in Bavaria suited to your own taste? No problem, just check out the Allgau long-distance bike trail - a cycling trail in one of Bavaria’s most beautiful locations. Opened on 2 June 2013, this trail is a little different from traditional long-distance bike trails which take cyclists along rivers from city A to city B. Rather, you can choose your own destinations and paths on this customizable bike trail.

The Allgau Radrunde circuit trail is a 280 miles long circuit trail that winds through the entire Allgau region of Bavaria. Cyclists have the advantage of taking different variations and shortcuts or connecting to other bike trails such as the Iller trail or the Lake Constance - Lake Koenigssee bike trail. For as diverse as this long-distance bike trail is, the Bavarian landscapes and beautiful views are even more exciting and varied. Sometimes flat, sometimes hilly, often with beautiful mountain views - this cycling trail in Bavaria is a unique experience! Plus, the Hotel Zum Hechten in Fussen is a bike-friendly hotel - the perfect accommodation for your cycling vacation in Germany!

Lake Constance – Lake Koenigssee Trail

The Lake Constance - Lake Koenigssee bike trail leads from west to east through the northern Alpine foothills. Your constant companion on this trail: the beautiful mountain views. Those who are not sure if they want to take on the entire Lake Constance - Lake Koenigssee bike trail on their vacation at the Hotel Zum Hechten in Fussen can take on the stages between Nesselwang and Fussen. Ruins of castles, a pilgrimage church and amazing views of the Neuschwanstein Castle await cyclists.